Zaneta Francis & Co.

Zaneta Loves to take pictures! Whether it is personal photography, social media stock photos or food photography, she loves to capture beauty!
She has always had a love for artistic things, and photography is one of her favorite mediums.
Here are some of her recent favorite photos…

Josiah eating ice creamFrench toastenchiladasapples

Jerichokid swinging

spinach jo jojustus Addie me  legs breakfast

the boys



If you would like photos for a specific occasion, business needs or just some personal pictures of you or your family, please send an email to

Thanks and God Bless!

Published by zhealthyhousewife

Hi! My name is Zaneta Francis. From an adventurous risk taker, to auto mechanic wannabe, to Married, to babies and now to Domesticated housewife. Those are a lot of titles. But those titles are who I am. Life is an adventure. Cooking is an adventure. Children are an adventure. I desire to share "raw" and candid stories, recipes and life tips that I have learned along the way. Follow me on my grand adventure of being a "Healthy Housewife"!

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